Severe material deprivation is a scourge that affects us all:

  • 29,9 % of the population in Romania faces severe material shortages;
  • 41,7 % of young unemployed, 28,7 % of the elderly and 37,9 % of children are unable to meet their basic dietary needs;
  • 59,8 of families with 3 or more children and 39,8 % of single – parent families live below the povery line.

They are the most vulnerable, beneficiaries of POAD, the European Union Program for Disadvantaged People.

Potential beneficiaries of the project:

According to the statistics and records of The General Direction of Social Care and Child Protection 6th District, many low-income people live in the community, who can benefit, for a shorter or longer period, from the programs developed within this project.

In the period 2011 – 2016, an average of 4800 social benefits (complementary budget, allowances, parking cards, free transport tickets) were established, annually.

A significant number of old-age pensioners (3114) also have disability rankings, which could create additional pressure on the local budget, both financially and human resources needed to approximate the issue of these people.

We anticipate that 18.000 elderly people and 1000 single parents or with many children will receive food through the Local Food Bank 6th District.