Mission and Values

The mission of the Local Food Bank 6th District is to provide immediate acces to basic foods for the entire community of the district, which will, over time, increase living standards and overcome the condition of „disavantaged people”, seeking to fight food waste and environmetal protection.

How many food is discared and to what effects?

A report from the United Nations shows how expensive it is to throw food:

  • about 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted annually worldwide with a wastage of approximately 750 billion dollars (the equivalent of 565 billion euros).
  • Over 100 million tons of food is scattered every year in Europe.

This was revealed by a study done by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO entitled “Report on the environmental consequences of food waste” presented by the general manager – Jose Graziano de Silva.

  • In Romania, 15% of the food in stores goes to the garbage every year without being removed from the packaging.
  • Food waste generates twice as much global warming as all global air traffic.

Local Food Bank 6th District is a solution to combat food waste.

  • Foods are collected and stored in specially arranged storage areas, sorted and distributed to poor people and families, NGOs, canteens and social centers.
  • Troughout this process, principles and parameters such as: social equity, a balanced diet, environmental protection, product quality, nutritional value, safe and hygienic storage and transport, market availability are considered.

Conducting RESOURCES

We are grateful and thankful to those who support us by efficently using the resources that are entrusted to us. Our mission is only possible through the generosity of people who understand the concept of redirecting  food and the prevention of food waste.

  • The main task of the Local Food Bank 6th District is to recover the safe food surplus and redirect it directly to the community beneficiaries, NGOs or other charitable associations that help people in need.
  • In the mission that we have assumed through the establisment of the Local Food Bank we need the involvement and support of the economic agents, volunteers, supermarkets, manufacturers and processors, any companies and individuals who want to support the fight against food waste and redirect the existing surplus of resources to disadvantaged social class.
  • In this process there are involved foods that till now were destined for discarding or destruction, a type of behavior that generates waste and seriously affects the environment.


To halve food waste by 2025, France has forbidden the supermarkets to throw out food that can be safely eaten, says The Guardian. Instead, they can donate it or turn it to animal feed, compost or energy sources. Starting July 2016, non – compliant supermarkets risk fines up to 80.000 euros.

Romanian supermakets throw hundreds of tons of food each year and also restaurant owners throw the unconsumed food that people don`t know to ask for take away.